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Pomona, CA


Pool Heater Installation in Pomona, CA

Why settle for only a few months of swimming a year? You’ve got the pool. Now outfit it with the best heating systems that money can buy. At Sparkling Pools in Pomona, CA, we are the pool heating specialists, and we’ve made a name for ourselves with thousands of satisfied customers spanning the Pomona, CA-area. Our customers enjoy comfortable swimming in all seasons – a true piece of the good life.

Plenty of Options

Whether you’re building a new pool or just need repairs, an expertly installed heater will turn your swimming pool into a year-round luxury. When you call Sparkling Pools, you can count on:
  • A professional and certified service team
  • A selection of different pool heater models
  • A full slate of installation services
  • Competitive pricing and a rock solid guarantee
For professional pool heater installation in Pomona, CA, call the experts at Sparkling Pools today.