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Pomona, CA


Pool Water Cleaning Service in Pomona, CA

When the algae starts to smear the entire surface of your pool; when the dead bugs are so many you can’t swim in a straight line without hitting any; when the leaves have piled up in layers at one corner; when the slime and grime are so thick your feet slip on the pool’s bottom, then it’s time for pool cleaning from Sparkling Pools. All over Pomona, CA, people are discovering the benefits of pool cleaning.

Bring Back the Beauty

Remember why you installed that pool in the first place? It afforded you a private way to enjoy a refreshing swim, a swim where you could equally exercise and relax. But to make that relaxation possible, that pool had to be clean. It’s only natural that the pool would get dirty—even filthy—over time. But now the way to bring back that beautiful new look is with a pool cleaning from our experts at Sparkling Pools.

We Use a Variety of Methods

Depending on the kind of pool you have and the kind of pollution keeping it dirty, we’ll use a variety of methods for the pool cleaning. But first, give us a call to tell us a bit about the situation. We’re here to listen.